Each company is aware that the support of a consulting company with plans to enter foreign markets – especially ones as difficult as Commonwealth of Independent States – requires in-depth and reliable market analysis, checking the applicable regulations, and only on this basis are we able to develop a recommendation plan for the client.

The basis for understanding a country is learning about its cultural customs.

We prepare a market entry strategy so that the customs, history and culture of a given country corresponds to the product, company and the local population, namely the recipient of our product.

Concerns about a foreign market stem from a lack of knowledge about people and their customs, which in many cases is driven by media coverage. However, instead of being afraid of it, you should adapt your strategy to it instead. Only when we do this and change our thinking and views, will it be possible to establish a business relationship with the local market as well as private and business customers.

Our services offer:

  1. Analysis of the law, as well as the political situation and the possibility of obtaining funds (including loans) in each country,
  2. We illustrate the methods of distribution or sale of customer product services to a specific market,
  3. We organize trips to economic forums, business meetings,
  4. We open entire companies and branches in economic zones abroad,
  5. We negotiate income tax and the scope of services provided by a given city for a new foreign entity entering the market,
  6. We provide full exhibition service at trade fairs or economic forums on a foreign market.